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Mario cuts and styles hair at Fluff.
He also owns the salon.
Mario works with the hair’s natural texture to create styles that suit your hair as much as they suit your face.

He loves working with thick hair, curly hair – hair that presents a challenge.
It’s all about the consultation for Mario.
At the beginning of each cut, he studies the shape of your face and the texture,
quality and quirks of your hair while he asks you about what you do,
what you like, what you use on your hair, how you feel about hairdryers, straightening irons, family and hair products.

Mario has a conversation with his clients because he believes that a great haircut is relevant –
to both the style of the season and to your personality.
A Fluff haircut is a style you can manage, it’s a haircut that lasts, it’s a haircut that suits your hair, your way of living and who you are.
It’s the haircut you always wanted, but didn’t know how to describe.